stand by me


townhall meetings

This is the Legacy Lavoy left us. This is what Lavoy was doing, and what they tried to stop him from doing. 
This is what we we will carry on.


  • Select a date. Preferably on the same day as your SMB rally. Or as near to it as possible.
  • Secure a venue - bars are usually very receptive, and usually free.  They like the crowd you bring, and don't care if you're loud. Other considerations; Local VFW posts, restaurant banquet room, library meeting room, hotel meeting room, banquet room, private school auditoriums (private schools are usually receptive to anything that teaches the Constitution), churches.
  • Invite local election candidates to speak. Depending on how many you have, 5 minutes is a good time allotment for a brief introduction.
  • Provide a table for candidates to display their literature.
  • Invite at least one constitutional speaker. Good source for this is your local private high school history teacher.
  • Invite at least one currently seated elected representative to speak. Often times 2 is recommended in case one needs to cancel.
  • Video record if possible.  Definitely take pictures. Post to your State fb group. Post video to youtube.
  • There are no hard and fast rules for a townhall meeting.
  • A Townhall Meeting can be as elaborate or simple as you want it to be.
  • They can be held anywhere...park, restaurant, bar, convention hall, hotel room, living room, library.
  • The simple outline provided can be improved upon or added to as you see fit.
  • We would like to include in the town hall meetings, specific presentations to the Constitution and how it applies to people's everyday lives. Ideally what we would like to see is a monthly Stand By Me rally, followed by a Stand By Me constitutional town hall meeting. We would like these events to be held as close to the 26th of every month as possible.  We understand that this isn't always convenient for everybody. Organize your events at your convenience.

make sure you are heard!!