Stand by me community

The following is a list of the National Team and State Directors

State Directors may be contacted through the national team,
or by becoming a member of that State
To become a member, simply follow the link and request to join
Facebook account is required to view state page
if you do not use facebook please contact JESSICA EDGAR AT STANDBYMEFORLIBERTY@GMAIL.COM with "join sbm sTATE GROUP - (STATE)" in the subject line

~National Team ~

Events Director, Jessica Edgar

Events Co-Director, Shelly Fauth

Communications-Media Relations Director, Cherilyn Eagar

WEBMASTER/assistant, Donna Fauth

all other email inquiries to:
If there is no name associated with your state, and you'd like to volunteer as a State Director,

Community Page -

Jessica Fauth Edgar and Shelly Fauth

National Group -

Jessica Fauth Edgar and Shelly Fauth

DC (Wash. DC) -
Philip Haddad

Alabama -
Karen Lower

Alaska -

Arizona -
Nikki Hartman

Arkansas -

California -

Colorado -
Lindsay Szymanski

Connecticut -
Angelia Balch

Delaware -

Florida -
Jaime Aldazabal

Georgia -
Karen Untz

Hawaii -
Stewart Waterhouse

Idaho -
Eddy Bergman

Illinois -
Ricky Douglas

Indiana -
Audrey Burton

Iowa -

Kansas -
Shelby Lewis

Kentucky -
Audrey Burton

Louisiana -

Maine -

Maryland -
Michael McDonald

Massachusetts -

Michigan -

Minnesota -

Mississippi -

Missouri -

Montana -

Nebraska -

Nevada -

New Hampshire -

New Jersey -
Joanne Collins

New Mexico -
Michael Bayless

New York -

North Carolina -
Paula Calloway

North Dakota -

Ohio -
Clint Janney

Oklahoma -
Leslie Greco

Oregon -
Kelli Stewart

Pennsylvania -
Karen Drum

Rhode Island -

South Carolina -

South Dakota -

Tennessee -
LeeAnn Graul

Texas -
Cynthia Primm

Utah -
Cherilyn Eagar

Vermont -

Virginia -
Rob Kapp

Washington -

West Virginia -
Nancy Leigh

Wisconsin -
Kelly Belle
James Robinson

Wyoming -