Tools you can use

Here are some examples of one SBM Outreach Committee members phone conversations to various offices including the FBI.  If this seems like somthing you can do and If you are interested in volunteering to be on this committee please click the "Learn More" button below to find and complete the sign-up form provided on that page and select the Outreach Committee option.        Thank you fellow patriot Roy Plumb we really do appreciate you!

Lock Them Up or Set Our Patriots Free!.mp3

Donna At FBI.mp3

MyRecording-Marshalls voicemail left, never returned.mp3

MyRecording-Patty at Marshalls office.mp3

MyRecording-Marshalls run-around.mp3

MyRecording-attempt to call before hours (1).mp3

MyRecording- Marshalls voice mail.mp3

MyRecording-Captains office in Henderson.mp3


Have a conversation you would to add to this section you can email it to for consideration. Thank You for your support