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Sample letter provided by Karen Drum, PA
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                                                                                                                 April 7, 2016

Pastoral Staff,

I would like to first introduce myself. My name is Karen Drum. I live in the Sellersville
area of Bucks County. I am not a member of your church but I am writing to you as a  believer and fellow Christian. I am reaching out to you with an urgent request for
prayer from your staff, prayer team and congregation.

I am the PA State Director of a group called Stand By Me For Liberty.  Our group was
started as a result of a tragic incident that took place on January 26, 2016.  I am not sure
how much of this story you have heard as the mainstream media has chosen not to cover
hardly any of it.  Its a story that starts many years ago out in the western states involving
cattle ranchers who have become the victims of federal government overreach and who
have been targets of BLM {Bureau of Land Management} harrassment and intimidation.
It has affected their families, their heritage and their livelihood.  Some have had their properties taken away, some have sold out under the pressure of threats and intimidation and others who stood their ground have had their lands damaged by fire, their homes and barns burned to the ground and their livestock injured.

Then there are the very few ranchers who have stood strong on their U.S. Constitutional rights and have fought back.  They have come to each others aid and taken a stand together.  These ranchers and supporters took a stand in Burns, Oregon at the beginning of this year.  They gathered there to teach others of their rights, their God given unalienable rights and to support them in standing up for themselves as well. One family in specific is the Hammond family. They became victims of a corrupt local government and federal system and were imprisoned for 3 months on unjustified charges.  Two years later that same corrupt system targeted them again calling them Domestic Terrorists and resentenced Mr. Hammond and his adult son to 5 years in prison for the same offense as they had already served their time.  When Nevada ranching family of Cliven Bundy got word of this, he and his sons went to their aid.  This is what started the situation in Burns, Oregon.

Another rancher from Arizona, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum , also went in support of the Hammonds. You see, the Bundy's and the Finicum family are God fearing, family loving men who believe in helping their fellow man and neighbor. On the 26th of January several of the supporters, including Ammon and Ryan Bundy and Robert “LaVoy” Finicum we on their way to meet a neighboring county Sheriff and his people, to teach them about their constitutional rights.

The two vehicles enroute that night were ambushed by Oregon State Police and FBI. Ammon Bundy and three others were taken into custody and arrested.  The other vehicle that Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was driving was fired upon at the original stop.  LaVoy had another Bundy family member in his vehicle, a woman and an 18 year female.  He fled the stop in fear for his and their lives and was met by a previously set up roadblock.  Again they were fired upon as the vehicle approached and veered off into the snowbank  to avoid running into the officers blocking the road.  When LaVoy immediately exited the vehicle “with his hands raised in the air in surrender” to draw fire away from the others, to protect them, which was the kind of man LaVoy was, he was shot in cold blood, unarmed and surrendering!

There is so much more to this story but I have tried to paint a small picture of what has happened which brings me to why I am contacting you.  Since that tragic day the Federal government has been rounding up and arresting people who were either present as supporters in Burns, Oregon or who were supporters for the Bundy family in 2014 when the BLM tried to take their cattle, damaged water tanks and killed some of their cattle.  These men are being held on false charges, have been denied due process, denied bail, some have been left in solitary confinement, those who are professed Christians ,which many are, have been made to wear “pink” prison shirts in mockery and are being treated inhumanely.

They need prayer!!! That is the reason I am writing to your church as well as many churches in this area. Many of us in this nationwide group are doing the same. These men and their wives and children who have been left alone are trying so hard to be faithful and not to lose hope but you can just imagine how difficult it must be for them. They took a stand, as American patriots, as Christians to do the right thing and stand up for freedom and liberty.  Jesus died so we could have the ultimate freedom from sin and evil and what they are being subjected to is evil!  They stood not only for ranchers out west but for our nation. For you and I and for our families.  We in the Stand By Me community believe that the only way these men will be released is through the hand of God. They are being told they could get 50-100 years!! We need the Lord and we need the help of faithful prayer warriors. I do hope and pray that you will help them.

Please let me know if we can count on your church to help us. I would truly appreciate it. If you have any questions my contact information is listed below.
Thank you so much for your time.  Our nation is dire need of prayer in so many areas.  God bless America!!

Sincerely, Karen F. Drum