Rally materials

Here are some tools and ideas which may be used for your Stand By Me rallies.

If you've got an idea you'd like to add, email standbymeforliberty@gmail.com

We encourage all members to watch this video.

it is one of the most useful tools to introduce

LaVoy Finicum to the world, in his own words.


A very useful presentation or giveaway at rallies and townhall meetings.

Trifold Brochure

Portland Brochure - Trifold - Full.pdf Portland Brochure - Trifold - Full.pdf
Size : 344.616 Kb
Type : pdf

Ready-Made Rally Signs


Flyers and Liberty Cards

Available in PDF and Word Doc format. Print front and back. Individual printer settings may change the appearance.  Check your printer before mass printing.

Rally Flyers
Who Is LaVoy

LaVoy Rally Flyer Who Is.pdf LaVoy Rally Flyer Who Is.pdf
Size : 156.274 Kb
Type : pdf
LaVoy Rally Flyer Who Is.doc LaVoy Rally Flyer Who Is.doc
Size : 39 Kb
Type : doc

Liberty Card
Proclaim Liberty

Therefore thus says the Lord.pdf Therefore thus says the Lord.pdf
Size : 316.628 Kb
Type : pdf
Therefore thus says the Lord.docx Therefore thus says the Lord.docx
Size : 165.333 Kb
Type : docx

Libery Card
Principles Of Liberty

Principles of Liberty.pdf Principles of Liberty.pdf
Size : 512.394 Kb
Type : pdf
Principles of Liberty.docx Principles of Liberty.docx
Size : 361.536 Kb
Type : docx

Liberty Card
Declaration Of Independence

The Declaration of Independence               IN CONGRESS.docx The Declaration of Independence IN CONGRESS.docx
Size : 1596.006 Kb
Type : docx

Many have asked for ideas for rallies as well as symbolic things through the month... one being the release of balloons (biodegradable of course).  The idea is to write messages on them and our website. My mom actually did this in school and said she got responses as far as England.

You can add messages with a marker but another idea was using the 4x3 printer labels that will actually stick to the balloons. Or even in the balloons! So after searching biodegradable ball0ons, Amazon has them but only white and red in biodegradable that I can find (some suggested red, white, and blue).

We have 8k members in just the states, so if we all released just a few, the impact would be amazing.

-Shelly Fauth

Attach small business cards to them, put a message inside, or write directly on them!!

Your message should include "Stand By Me For Liberty", the website nationalstandbymeforliberty.com, and "In Honor of LaVoy Finicum", #LibertyRising, #myunclemyhero, and a quote from Lavoy.

not all bio-degradable balloons are created equally!!! some can take as long as 4 years to decompose!! research your source purchase to ensure your balloons will not cause environmental harm!!