sheriff recall

We always encourage everyone to make a concerted effort to reach out to all elected representatives and offer cooperation. Contact your sheriff and others to determine if they are constitutional and receptive to cooperation.  Offer opportunities to partner and learn together.

If all this fails, you have the power - and right - to remove any elected representative from office. 

but you must act!!!
Here you will find tools we have developed to help you, should removal from
office become necessary.

Your local sheriff is your most important elected representative in regards to immediate implementation of the US Constitution and local laws. Request a meeting to introduce yourself, discuss the constitution and let your position on the Constitution be known, and of your rally activities. Initiate a good working communicative relationship. Make friends!!

This page will be updated often.  Check in regularly for new information!

Every state has it's own rules on how to remove elected representatives.  It is usually found in your State Constitution, your State revised Statutes, county ordinances, or city codes - or all - depending on if your sheriff is county or city.  Don't rely much on the political parties to help you...they have a vested interest in the status quo.

Once you have located the requirements, the step by step requirements are usually fairly easy to follow. There is usually a time limit, so be sure you have a well laid out plan prior to commencing proceedings.

Contact the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officer's Association for assistance.

In addition to the legal requirements, contact your local elected representatives for assistance. 

That's what they are there for!!