People from around the world have shown overwhelming support for Lavoy and what he stood fOr

Memorial Rallies for LaVoy that spontaneously occurred all over the nation immediately after his murder.

Burns, Oregon
January 27, 2016



Harney County Courthouse, Oregon
January 29, 2016





Washington City, Utah
February 1, 2016


Cook County, TX
February 5, 2016


February 6, 2016


Mesa, AZ
February 6, 2016


Comments of support 

Rerisi Rer

January 31 

I Live in Glastonbury, Somerset , England and am a Scot. I have been closely following the events at Malheur refuge and disgusted with the response of the Govt . However Lavoy spoke truth and died for truth and Freedom and the Bill of Rights , God Bless Him....
Anyway I was walking through town (Glastonbury) tonight and passed the war monument where often people leave pictures or flowers to people who have died -and I saw this Paper memorialising Lavoy.....I was so heartened that even in our small town in old England that more than one person cares about the Bill of Rights , and cares about what happened to Lavoy Finicum and the events at Malheur , Sugar Pine , the Bundy Ranch , Montana and so on.....
Please could any of you who knows Lavoy's Daughters please send them these Pictures from Glastonbury England!?

Israel Torres

January 27

Rest easy brother, we will not forget you.

Tony Shelton 

January 27 at 5:37pm

May he rest in the joy of his Savior! 

David Fowler

January 27 · 

I wish so badly I could be there. Such a great, blessed, peaceful Patriot. God rest his soul, and reign down fire on the murderers.

Rimby Elkswell

January 27 · Lake Junaluska, NC · 

This makes me physically ill; I just woke up to texts and posts. Dear God I didn't think this would happen. 

Las Vegas Tea Party

January 27 · 

Thank you Tony Shelton and daughter, Clinton Kieth, and Greg Whalen, for helping pay homage to our hero Robert LaVoyandjeanette Finicum who was slain yesterday by the FBI while defending our freedom in Oregon. May God bring you home with mercy and grace, may you forget all the pain, suffering, and fear you knew in this world, and may God help your family bear the burden of your loss. We will never forget your sacrifice. Fly to the angels, kind sir, and be with God.

Stella Joan Hessman Owen

January 29 · 

I am still in shock. I can't believe this but I must because I see the videos with my own eyes. I am truly in shock. I feel like I knew Mr. LaVoy Finigum personally by watching him on his videos. Rest dear friend. Rest in the arms of Jesus

Sharon Akins

January 29 · 

Wish I could go. This man deserves to be honored.

Melina Douglas

January 29 · 

I don't have the $$ means to get there but I fully support this. Please keep us informed. He was a real hero and my condolences to his family.

Roaring Tiger Heart

January 29 · 

Wow- with the statements/comments from people on this!! I can't believe it- don't want to believe it. WE ARE ALL DOOMED IF PEOPLE THINK LIKE THIS! These protesters were on PUBLIC LAND and in PUBLIC BUILDINGS not being violent. We have the right the bear arms in America- and in Oregon you can carry a concealed weapon with a permit. This all makes me sick. If people are that ignorant we're all in trouble- BLM WANTS LAND- they will get it. Call us all domestic terrorists or anti-goverment groups if we disagree with them. Pffft!!!

I am so sorry for the family - my condolences.

Mal Taillon

January 29 · Lake Isabella, CA · 

This is one I REALLY wish I could be at!!!!!
Lavoy will be on my mind tomorrow!!!!!
As will all of you that are at the rally!!!!!
God Bless You all!!!!

Benjamin Vance 

Wish we could be there. Our condolences for your loss. I hope the place is covered up with meaningful attendees, and hopefully he did not die in vain!

Gerald Dixon

January 29 · 


Karen Steelmon

January 30 · 

Thank you to all who came to the Robert LaVoy  Finicum memorial rally today to honor our fallen patriot.

His fight is over but we cannot let ours end now. We will never forget and we will never give up. Roberts valiant fight will not be in vain.

God has him now, and may He help Roberts family bear the burden of his loss.

Harney County, Oregon
February 6, 2016
At the Memorial For LaVoy Finicum
After It Had Been Destroyed

2nd call to the Malheur County Sheriff's office concerning the destruction of Lavoy's memorial

I had success calling this time, but was shocked at the candidness of the supervisor I spoke with....she seems upset at the destruction of the memorial herself...she is saying there was no permit but had no idea the spot had been blessed by the Native Americans...check it out

David Willis, OR
Cory Sharp, WA
Karen Drum, PA
Chad Tennant, WA


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February 4 ·

The shooting sight of LaVoy Finicum.


Originally, I went to simply pay respects to LaVoy, pay tribute to a Man I respected and visit a m...emorial site which I had heard was just erected. It was a site that media first deemed a “shootout” Then, that he "charged them" and alas he was simply "going" for a gun when they shot him in the Face at close range.
I definitely wasn't expecting to see a complete illustration of the turn of events leading to his death. The tracks of the shooters hiding in the tree’s, the blood soaked snow, the shattered glass and the deep trench in the snow created by his truck when he avoided collision and took to the snow bank. I was shocked at what I saw and experienced.

I first went out Saturday morning, 4 days after the incident, spent a couple hours, paid my respects draped some American flags that I purchased in town and in the process met some great guys from Idaho who drove all night to do the same. They helped with supplies I was lacking and assisted with the Flag, then placed a Blue tarp, a Cowboy hat and a simple “RIP LaVoy Finicum, an American Hero” plackard made of cardboard and magic markers. I regret that I didn't get a photo of the Men I met but I believe there was some video that I'll try to locate of a special moment.
I was deeply moved but also deeply disturbed and couldn't quite process what all I’d observed right away. So I plotted a later trip at specifically the same time LaVoy met his fate and returned at 4:25 pm. that same evening.

Below are the photo’s and my observation (and opinions) of what happened. Forgive me for the interjection of my opinions, I typically stick with facts but I tried my best to let facts guide the opinions.

I recommend you load up the FBI video for reference as I did as well as Victoria Sharps radio testimony, it all starts making sense and coming together if you see the shooting sight, watch the piss poor video and hear the testimony.
I keep hearing the press telling it wrong and it annoys the hell out of me! A few minutes watching the video and looking at the scene brings it all together. Notice the road flares in the video warning them of the impending roadblock? Me either, because there WERE NONE! Why? Because they couldn’t get their kill that way (my Opinion) I couldn't present the photo's inline so they are each numbered at or near the top left corner albeit fairly small. They are sequentially in order after the first two of the memorial.


The Yellow arrows indicate the point at which he could see the roadblock and started braking. As I surveyed the sight, questions started popping from the scene, the first of which was, why here? Why a roadblock on a blind turn knowing that if they come this far, they're likely at a high rate of speed. This caused suspicion. I watched the video again and noticed his brake lights came on as soon as he made the corner and they never went out until he came to a stop 40' from where he entered the snow bank.
He clearly was trying to stop and could not so he plowed into the snow bank rather than the trucks and bodies blocking his path.

This alone should be criminally prosecuted as it was a premeditated attempt at causing harm and placing 4 lives at risk. If we as civilians were to pull such a stunt we would likely be charged with aggravated assault or manslaughter assuming no one died. This alone, in my opinion, seemed egregious and unconscionable.
I made three test runs on the turn and tried to stop prior to the location of the roadblock. I could not stop at 75 mph short of the mark. Each time, anticipating the viewpoint I anchored the brakes. Each time I would have plowed right into the three vehicles blocking the road.
He covered the 1.25 miles in one minute if you watch the timer on the video. Given that he started from a stand still, he was moving when he approached that corner and roadblock. My estimates with elapsed time, distance, and starting from a stopped position, 85 MPH.
While stopped they had taken unprovoked gun fire and more when they decided to flee.

I'm in an aluminum bodied performance SUV and only myself in the vehicle where he was in a Heavy Duty Diesel Pick up with 3 passengers. So if I couldn't stop he certainly could not.
The SUICIDE BY COP narrative is completely debunked by this. If he wanted to die, he would have taken some LEO with him and accelerated right through the lot of them at the roadblock.


Finicum, not being able to stop, instinctually did what most of us would do, alter course. If you’ve ever caught a tire in a snow bank you know it grabs you and sucks you in the second your tire hits the snow bank. You see his truck pitch quickly when it connects with the snow and he managed to avoid hitting everyone including the testosterone junkie that dove in front of his truck either to bail on the roadblock thinking he was going to be hit or a Macho” I’ll stop him with a pistol” move. We’re not sure but either way, when the FBI presser said he nearly hit an official with his truck it was a ridiculous statement. He tried to AVOID hitting them but they had the stage set perfectly so it couldn’t be avoided other than to take the snow bank.
There were talk of spike strips but none were seen in the video nor roadflares.
Another theory debunked was that he was trying to get through the snow drift and make a get away, those of you who know diesel trucks know you would have seen a plume of black smoke from him accelerating. Additionally, his brake lights were on the entire time once he saw the roadblock.
They simply left him no room to stop. Just beyond the turn is a mile long straightaway.
Why not there where it’s safe and could be seen. I thought maybe the County Line but it’s further down the road I believe. I’m sure Sheriff Ward wanted to be sure he had blood spilled in his County.
Sheriff Palmer of the adjoining county where they were headed was welcoming them with a group of 200 Ranchers and John Day residents who were anxious to hear how they could protect themselves against the brutality of the BLM.


This was particularly disturbing to me and cooberates the ambush theory. I found 3 locations where operatives were posted up behind in the forest, out of sight. Perfectly strategic for an enemy combatant in a combat situation.
Finicum was a peaceful soul, had NO history of violence, had been openly speaking of his peaceful intent and was “armed up” with two church choir singers preparing to perform at their intended destination. In the entire period of time of the occupation and still currently, there has never been a weapon discharged by ANYONE at the refuge or in Harney County.
Media reports of a “shootout” were blatantly overstated and a lie. A shootout requires at least two members of an opposing force firing at one another, the FBI admits no one from the truck ever raised, handled, displayed or discharged a firearm whatsoever.


Witnesses Victoria Sharp and Shawna Cox stated that they took fire in the windshield while approaching the roadblock.
This starts looking a lot like a setup as they they forced them into a “hostile” situation. I know this is windshield glass because the Side windows and rear window were dark tinted. There were ample amounts of this relevant to the location of the truck where it stopped. Having owned Body shops, I can attest to the fact that windshield glass fractures in long thin shards due to the membrane where side window glass breaks in small cubes generally no bigger than a pencil eraser. (see photo 5 & 6)


Note the tint and the small cubicle fractures. This glass was abundantly strewn all around the truck site in the snow. Interesting how we don’t SEE much of that activity on the video yet both Shawna and Victoria tell of hundreds of bullets riddling the truck and Ryan Bundy was shot in the shoulder. There is some evidence of bullets striking the passenger side of the truck late in the video (10:20 and 10:47) Why is this? What possible motive is there to fire rounds into a stopped vehicle with people inside who have exhibited no threatening behavior? This isn’t Mexico or Bolivia, a badge does not grant you authority and immunity in America. It places a considerable amount of responsibility on ones shoulders to have the fortitude to REFRAIN from actions like this in law enforcement. This CANNOT be allowed!


The location of the glass strewn in the snow, most of it from the passenger side is consistent with eyewitness testimony as well. I doubt there was any glass left in that truck after the firing stopped. Shawna mentioned that after the three were all removed from the truck, they opened fire on it again. This is peculiar. I would only do that if I were planning on denying that shots were fired while they were in it to explain the massive amount of damage to the vehicle.


The location of the second sniper hiding on the East side of the Roadblock. Notice all the branches removed, probably for a prop for his Long gun. This agent never shows up on the video. Doesn’t fit the narrative of a “ Routine Traffic Stop” Again, NO history of violence from ANYONE inside the truck. They had everyone surveilled for three weeks and knew also who was going to this meeting due to inside sources. They called for the Women to exit the truck at the first stop although it had dark tinted glass.


Across the road and directly across from the roadblock another agent hidden in the Forrest, lying in wait.


This photo simply illustrates the proximity of the 3rd Sniper to the other two. That’s an awful lot of firepower for a 55 year old Mormon ad his Choir ensemble.


I’m not sure what this indicates. It’s in the vicinity of the two vehicles in the front of the road block. Or could it indicate the placement of a shooter?


This was a grizzly discovery for me, not quite as bad as the blood in the snow but it clearly follows the path of the shooter that killed Finicum via a close proximity shot to the face. It matches the video of the shooter where he advances, fires, takes lateral steps then retreats. The small trees are a reference point and the snowmobile tracks as well. It was very close to Finicum. He was close enough to easily discern whether there was eminent danger and if there was a visible fire arm which the FBI admitted there was not. Given the suspect, there should have been WAY more patience in waiting until you confirmed a firearm rather than the possibility of one.

The Expletive, Expletive, Expletive who left these tracks wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself after killing an innocent God loving Man so he walks in circles for a moment then runs toward the road. I hope He has a long life of horrific regrets ahead of him.


I’m not sure why they would leave the remains there like this. It would seem respectful to at least cover, remove or bury them. Not visible in this frame is the blood from another region of his body. It was uncomfortable to document and intend no disrespect. The ensuing photo(s) will explain why I decided to document and post.


Here is clear evidence of another wound in the region of hip, torso area. It’s impossible to say where specifically but it does add credence to the belief that he was shot in the lower or mid region before the lethal shot to the face. This would have caused his hands to drop naturally to the wound and would explain why he points at the agent behind the truck.
You can see the snow tamped down around where his body lie while they processed the scene. For the record, if you watch the video, notice the time that lapsed before they rendered aid to him. 10 MINUTES!



I became so enraged when I saw this, I had to wait some time before deciding to post.
In the end, I felt everyone deserved to see what I saw. This appeared to me as the last respects paid by one of the shooters. If you enlarge this image it is clearly chewing tobacco. Draw your own conclusion

It's worth noting that I have respected and appreciated Law enforcement my entire life. In recent years I've personally witnessed some things that challenge that commitment. There seems to be a changing tide of late, I really don't know if it's the media or reality but as these things go as with any profession there are good ones and bad ones. I still cling to the belief that the vast majority are good, maybe I'm naive, maybe it's just easier to exist that way. Whatever the case, i don't know if these were State, Federal or Mercenary law enforcement, I suspect a blend of all three but there is NOTHING good existing here in this camp.

This wreaks of purposeful, egregious, heinous, behavior from a pack of law dogs hungry for blood. It can be followed upstream to the the residing Judge and Sheriff of Harney County, to the Governor of Oregon, the BLM officials and all the way to the White House itself. The Hammonds were made an example of as was LaVoy Finicum. An example of what the extreme and mighty arm of bureaucracy is willing to go to to simply make a point. DON'T CHALLENGE THEM!
Be quiet, submissive and compliant and they'll feed you just enough to survive but never enough to thrive.

Dare to challenge them and they will take your rations for their own and crush you like the measly peasant you are.

I say thank God for Men like Lavoy Finnicum. Meek, kind, and caring but rock solid, firm and unyielding in his belief, a righteous belief.

This wasn't his fight. He didn't have to risk his life for his neighbor but he had conviction for what is right and what is wrong. That simple.
This injustice is simple to me. It is very clearly wrong. We all know it.
It doesn't matter what evidence "emerges" at this point. We know what it is. Plain and simple.
The question is, will we be quiet, submissive and compliant or will we use our voice and OUR collective might and begin to push back. We don't have enough weapons to take on the worlds super power nor do we need them. We have our founding documents. There may need to be skirmishes on occasion, I pray they are few and no blood is spilled but the simple fact is we all are going to die. The question is how do we want to live.

A question waiting to be answered.

A reminder that some of the photo's are Graphic in Nature. I would even say distasteful. I chose to post them because without them there is a part of this story that will never be told and it is after all, The Truth.
This is a new page I'm dedicating to simple Truth. The simple beauty of the great Northwest we live in, the truth about what's going on here and those who are threatening truth and simplicity with lies and corruption. Truth is always found in the simplest form and although the two can often seem elusive they are always right before our eyes if we only look.