P3  Sean &Sandy Anderson'sBiography

Dear fellow patriots, I have been asked to give some information about my husband and I. There is much confusion that I am grateful to have the opportunity to clarify. Most people are confused about what to call me, my legal name is Sandra, however, I have never used that name and don't know who people are talking about when they refer to me as such. It should be common law that if someone uses a name long enough it becomes their legal name, but I see that our government does not even acknowledge common law marriage anymore. I would rather my fellow patriots call me Sandy, just as people close to me do. People also ask where I got the name Hurricane. People started calling me hurricane when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. Little did I know then that it was going to take the strength of a hurricane to endure this fight for freedom and the love for this country.
         There is also much confusion that Sean and I got involved at the refuge, because we are ranchers. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are both former city folk from Wisconsin until we left that all behind a year ago to open an outdoor supply store in Idaho. We, the final four, knew little to nothing about ranching and believe that God used that to get people to research why a bunch of city people would be there. We each followed the call to love they neighbor. We wondered where all the cowboys have gone and found them standing for liberty. Many people did not get involved because they believed it was a Mormon battle. Yes, there were Mormons, but also many other denominations and fellow believers, but not one atheist. We each searched our hearts and were led by the Lord, it would have been a sin to reject him.

         We are often asked about our personal lives. Sean and I will have been married for 2 years at the end of this month, but our lives have been intertwined for almost 20 years. God did not bring us together immediately, but kept us close enough to get to know each other until our love had reached an enduring level. Sean and I met when his only child, a son, started kindergarten where I was working as a teacher's aide. I had 2 sons, a daughter and two step sons enrolled at the same school. Our youth has passed and we never had children together. Sean and I are both 48 years old, but in a few short months, I will turn 49 and be 10 months older than Sean. I always tell him I love him more, because I am older. He always responds that he loves me more, because he is bigger. Lol, I think I win!!!

           I worked as a teacher's aide for 16 years, but after the unlawful Obama care was enacted, my hours were slashed to part time and I was told to buy my health care on $400 less a month. Sean worked as a union electrician for 20 years, but after GM left our city, the economy crashed. We decided it was time to follow our dream and move west and start a business. We chose Idaho, because for a brief time in my youth, I went to high school there and always prayed that God would take me back if it were his will. We opened Hurricane Outdoor Supply, (incorporating my nickname). A small fire broke out and the BLM negligently allowed it to get out of hand. By the time it was finished over 100,000 acres were unnecessarily destroyed. During the fire, no one could camp, hike, hunt, or otherwise enjoy the outdoors and forced us to close our business after making no sales. Why does an illegal organization as the BLM not have to reimburse us for their negligence?

           Sean has recently been released from jail. Praise Jesus!!!! For the time he was in jail, we were not allowed any contact!!! When we had at last been allowed to write to each other, they had to go through many review processes and took 30 days to receive! People who know us would agree that to separate us is the absolute worst thing you could do to us! Through our faith in the Lord, we endured. With his release, Sean has many restrictions, but we have been granted to live together.

             We are reminded daily of God's promises and he will prevail. All this MUST take place for the corruption to continue being exposed. The more we are unjustly persecuted, the more the evil is brought to the light. 2 Cron. 7:14, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin AND WILL HEAL THEIR LAND. More people are searching out God and praying like never before. I believe he will hear from heaven and restore our country to what our founding fathers intended it to be.

               Many of our voices have been silenced and we must depend upon you to pick up the baton. There are many rallies to attend. There is a 24 hour vigil at the Portland jail where many volunteers are needed to show support for those incarcerated. The idea is that the political prisoners can look out their window at any time of day and see that they are not forgotten. There is a rally in Washington DC coming up in July and several others. If you can't find one, create one. Continual letters to the prisoners are needed and phone calls to judges, jails, representatives and Harney county sheriff's office. Education to your neighbors, family and friends. If you don't know enough about the case, educate yourself on the Hammonds, the refuge, the constitution and God's word.

            Sean and I would like to thank each one of you for the overwhelming love and support!

We must not allow evil to prevail.      God bless!!               Love, Sean and Sandy, (Hurricane,) Anderson