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SBM Patriot Political prisoners (P3) COMMITTEE

Contact Court Date - Keep track of the prisoners. Keep their information updated for the community to be able to write to them, send them money and continue to be present at their court hearings and rallies near the jails until they are released. We need to let these men know that we are in full support of them and we will continue to be here until the endP3

Letter/Video Chat - Get the contact list from the P3 Contact/Court Date Committee. Write Letters to every prisoner at least once a month. Video chat is also available for some of them. Collect the information for video chatting for each jail and their requirements. Schedule video chats with the prisoners to remind them that we are here for them and that we are STANDING NOW. 

Sponsor a political prisoner - Some of these men are not receiving funds for commissary. This committee will be in charge of sharing the family links everyday. Also we will exchange ideas to come up with a system to make sure all prisoners are receiving funds no matter what. Sponsorship involves writing to the prisoner you have signed up with one time per week and donating $20.00 per month to their commissary fund. Both of these actions you complete on your own, we do not manage the money. The goal is to get 5 sponsors per prisoner so that every person will get a minimum of 5 letters per week and $100 for basic letter and stamp needs per month.


Sponsor a political prisoners family -  This program was created to let us rest easy knowing every Patriot Political Prisoner and their Families have their basic family needs met. Sponsorship involves writing to the prisoner you have signed up with ONE time per WEEK and donating minimum $100 or more if you are able PER MONTH to the family fund directly to a link from the family. If the Patriot Political Prisoner does not have a direct link to a family donation option please donate directly to their commissary account. Both of these actions you complete on your own, we do not manage the money.The goal is to get 15 sponsors per prisoner so that every person will get a min of 15 letters per week and $1500 for basic needs/bills per month. Of course, we hope they get a lot more than that from others, but again, this is just to cover the basics and know that everyone is getting some level of support.


SBM outreach Committee

Phone Calls - This task is very important. We have been making calls to the prison where the political prisoners are being held. They finally released Ammon Bundy from solitary confinement. OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD Collect names and phone numbers for elected representatives in every state. Collect names and phone numbers for every Sherriff in every state. WE WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY STAND. If they STAND BY US WE STAND BY THEM. We have suggested templates for what you can say to your representatives when you call them, but we encourage you to change it as needed or make your own templates. Keep the list handy as we need to be calling each one monthly until they respond. Once they have responded and are in support of our movement we will add their information to the new link on the website showing all representative that are supporting the AMERICAN PEOPLE)

Legislative Letters - Writing to our representatives is very important. When we write to them we expect a response. Collect names and addresses of every state legislator. Write a professional yet firm letter demanding a response to our letter on their feelings on the recent events in Oregon, the current situations in America and what they plan to do to make changes in this country. Upload the letter you are sending to the correct STAND BY ME for LIBERTY state group under the file tab. Upload any responses to those letters to the file tab as well. Keep the list handy as we need to be writing to each one monthly until they respond. Once they have responded and are in support of our movement we will add their information to the new link on the website .........what link??


Sheriffs - This task is especially important. You must build a relationship with the sheriff in your community. We expect our sheriff to uphold his oath and stand for the justice deserved to LaVoy Finicum's family and the families of the political prisoners. The sheriff is the only elected law enforcer whose duty it is to protect the unalienable rights of the People both in the court room and within the county. We need to meet with them face to face and record our meetings. We need to let our communities know where our sheriffs stand and let our sheriffs know that we the people stand with them!

Candidate Interview - It is very important to know who your elected representative are and even more important to know who will be running in the upcoming elections for your state. This committee will be interviewing all potential candidates running for office and finding individuals who are constitutional and are wanting to run for office to make a difference. This committee is important because it is our responsibility to our FREE NATION to make our representatives be constitutional.


Courtroom Observer - We will never know how these men are being treated if we do not have witness to it. If you join this committee you are willing and able to attend the court hearings for these prisoners, currently being sentenced in Nevada and Oregon. This committee will be trained on what to watch for in the court room, how to take sufficient notes and the steps to take after being witness of the court proceedings. This is a very important part for the prisoners well being. When a judge knows that people are in the court room WATCHING them, they tend to tread lightly and try very hard not to make mistakes. Us being present could make the world of difference in the outcome for these men. WE MUST SHOW EVERYONE WE ARE STANDING UNITED


This committee will write letters to all churches in your state monthly. We do have a few template ideas from others in the community, but I encourage you to edit it as needed or to create your own. Prayer is very important in this fight for Liberty and GOD is the only one who can SAVE US.


This committee will be focusing on ways to reach and teach our youth. If you are a parent or grandparent you should be in this committee. It is up to us to make sure our future generations are informed of their god given rights and know how to use them properly. It is up to us to make sure that we not only elect the correct representatives ourselves to start restoring liberty, but to teach our youth how to elect and hold accountable the representatives that they elect. This committee is especially important because our future generations will be left with no liberties if we do not teach them NOW.

SBM EVENTs Committee

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